I hear…I forget
I see…I remember
I do…I understand

    For children to learn it is important for them to have concrete experiences.  It is my mission to meet the physical, social, educational and emotional needs of the children in my care.  To facilitate this process, I work every day to provide them with the tools to explore their world freely.  Freedom of exploration gives a child the ability to experience and understand their world. If you are consistent when interacting with children they will feel safe. Children, whom live in a world that is predictable, learn to trust.  It is important to teach children how to take responsibility for their own actions. Logical consequences and constancy are keys in developing a child’s sense of responsibility. Children who are engaged in developmentally age appropriate activities are content and thrive. Remember, when you speak to a child with positive respectful words they will learn to use these words with others. Children become what they see and hear.  Most importantly, each child is unique. A child who is given every opportunity to explore and learn will develop into their own individual.  

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